@LTM industrial development Limited has unveiled an Amethyst Processing Products

The level of value addition of products in Rwanda is increasing, as development is increasing

In the week dedicated to the mining of precious stones in Rwanda, there was an exhibition of the mining of precious stones. The company @LTM industrial development Limited carried out various activities. It works in stones and digs in different parts of the country.

Umubyeyi Pascaline , Factory   operations manager at @LTM industrial development Ltd
She says that they dig and increase the value of amethysts.

Umubyeyi Pascaline Factory operations  Manager @LTM industrial development limited

She said, ”
We mine and add value to the gemstones and we process the stones to make them. So now we are showing some of the gemstone  that we dig, which are home decorations, various earrings, rings and many other things that we make.

Pascaline continues to say that @LTM goals include promoting Rwandan to our homelands and valuing mining in Rwanda and providing jobs for Rwandans.

Director General  @LTM Industrial Development Limited processing these stones explain that all activities are focused on what the market wants, and  say that they process their materials in Rwanda and abroad.

Director General of @LTM industrial development Limited

stones received by this plant are extracted from the areas of the Western and Southern provinces, and research on these stones is also ongoing elsewhere.

In addition to the tools used in jewelry and contractions material  processed by @LTM industrial Development Limited, they have plans to continue increasing the value of these rare stones found in Rwanda; Exporting finished goods is profitable because it increases the market price more than exporting raw materials.

This week dedicated to mining was established so that those in the field of mining meet together to discuss how this work can be done more effectively and

contribute to the development of the country.

A variety of jewelry is produced by @LTM industrial development limited

Award of appreciation to @LTM Industrial development limited

By Theoneste Ahimana

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pascaline UMUBYEYI

    December 11, 2022 at 6:24 pm

    Congratulations to ALTM Industrial Development Ltd.
    Rwanda is proud of its natural resources

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