Gisagara: The donation of the Red Cross Rwanda red them to the successful step in development

Some residents of Mukindo sector in Gisagara District are grateful to the Rwanda Red Cross, for thinking of them and donating them livestock animals, which has now led to a satisfactory level of development, so that they can also give their neighbors breeding animals.

This was announced on May 22, 2023, when the management of the Rwanda Red Cross in collaboration with the administration of Gisagara District participated in the activity of the people who were donated cows by this organization were in action of handing over to their neighbors little cows.

These residents showed that before the Rwanda Red Cross thought about them and gave them livestock animals, they were in poverty and thought they would never prosper; just because they were given livestock animals they were able to make use of the opportunities they were given, they can develop themselves.

Twagirayezu Sylver

Twagirayezu Sylver  said:”First of all, I would like to thank the Red Cross because it took me to where I am today, before it came to this Mihigo village to select the beneficiaries to give them livestock animals. I was a very poor person, so even the land I cultivated could only grow like two pods of beans because I had no fertilizer to fertilize the land. I fertilized the land I had and I started to see satisfactory harvests, then I realized that there is a difference because fertilized and unfertilized land is not the same.”

He added: “So what I appreciate about the Red Cross is; the first thing I am happy about is that they looked at me and said, ‘You are the right beneficiary of the cow’. The cow is here. The Croix Rouge gave it to me, this time, I immediately notice the difference.”

Mukamana Beyata

Mukamana Beyata from the village of Urubimbi, in this Nyabisara cell, is also a beneficiary of the Rwanda Red Cross, she was given a pig, and she also appreciates the Red Cross for helping her, as she considered it as a dream to have an livestock animal and a farm of farming, but now thanks to the support of the Rwanda Red Cross, he has livestock animals, which he has been able to give others, moreover, she is able to buy  clothes and other necessary things without difficulty.

He said: “Red Cross gave me a pig that has now given birth twice, and now I can say that there is a difference. It has progressed really well and I have no problems, now I can buy clothes and the house is doing well. I have fertilizer and I farm well, I was poor without fertilizer, but now I farm and I can harvest.”

Jean Paul Habineza, the Vice Mayor of Gisagara District in charge of economic development

Jean Paul Habineza, the Vice Mayor of Gisagara District in charge of economic development, thanked the Red Cross of Rwanda for their cooperation because it showed excellence in contributing to the development and well-being of the people.

He said: “The Red Cross of Rwanda has shown excellence in cooperation with Gisagara District in the development of social welfare and economic development, so what I can say is that the Red Cross of Rwanda enters the life of the people, because in our district the development of the people is mainly based on agriculture and breeding, they focused on providing all animals; cows, pigs, goats and other small animals, so that the people can go in the plan to get out of poverty.”

Emmanuel Mazimpaka, Director of Communication and Diplomacy in the Rwanda Red Cross

Emmanuel Mazimpaka, Director of Communication and Diplomacy in the Rwanda Red Cross, said that the activity they were doing was to visit the work done by the Rwanda Red Cross in Gisagara district in the Mukindo sector, where cows, pigs and goats were given to the people. , where they are currently in the process of giving their neighbors animals to breed, and asked the people to take good care of the animals they have been given and use the to produce more money that will lead them to development.

The director thanked the breeders for taking good care of them and being able to reach out to others.

He said: “We thank the animal recipients for taking good care of them and being able to reach out to others.”

In Gisagara District, Rwanda Red Cross donated to people 16 cows ,162 pigs and 42 goats.

In addition to the fact that Rwanda Red Cross donated cows to the community, it also donated an ambulance that helps Kibirizi Hospital in providing medical services, including transporting patients to the main hospital as quickly as possible.

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