Dream big – Prof Blaise Tchapnda addresses 57 AIMS Rwanda graduates

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Rwanda (AIMS Rwanda) celebrated its seventh graduation ceremony, honoring the accomplishments of 57 students who successfully completed their Master’s degrees in Mathematical Sciences.

The momentous event took place on Tuesday, June 27, and brought together a diverse group of students from 20 African countries. Notably, 21 Rwandan students received financial support from the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Education for their master’s degree pursuits.

Prof. Blaise Tchapnda, Academic Director of AIMS Rwanda

During the ceremony, Prof Blaise Tchapnda, Academic Director of AIMS Rwanda Cente, asked the graduates to think big because as long as they have big dreams, they will achieve big development and the future of themselves and the countries they represent will be good.

“Dream big, the bigger your dreams are, the more your dreams will come true, and innovation is what will make the future brighter and the development of you and your countries will be more visible, Go forth with a sense of purpose, armed with the education and values instilled in you here at AIMS” Prof Blaise Tchapnda said.

Prof. Dr. Sam Yala, President of AIMS Rwanda Center

Prof. Dr. Sam Yala, President of AIMS Rwanda Center, underscored the power and importance of science in our world. He commended the graduates for arming themselves with a formidable tool that can unravel the complexities of the world’s most pressing challenges, including those faced by Africa.

Yala encouraged the graduates to embrace virtues such as humility, curiosity, discipline, and consistency, believing that these qualities would pave the way for their success in all their future endeavors.

Dr. Armeline Dembo, Head Tutor of AIMS Rwanda

Dr. Armeline Dembo, Head Tutor of AIMS Rwanda, encourages the graduates to embrace their brilliance and become the trailblazers and reminds them that education is a lifelong journey, urging them to seize every opportunity, ask questions, and explore relentlessly.

During the graduation ceremony, the students captivated the audience by showcasing their talents on stage, delivering a song that symbolized their hard work and determination to bring about positive change. They further delighted everyone in attendance with another performance that entertained and uplifted the spirits of those present.

The graduation ceremony also honored excellence among the faculty and outstanding students. Awards were presented to those who dedicated their time, knowledge, expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment to providing a world-class education to AIMS Rwanda students.

By Carine Kayitesi

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