Farmers have the opportunity to get quality fertilizer made in Rwanda

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, when Rwanda celebrated the World Standards Day , a fertilizer factory was awarded the “Made in Rwanda” quality label by the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB), which is to start working in Rwanda, things are going to make it easier for some farmers to get enough and quality fertilizer.

According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) and the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB), this first fertilizer factory is about to open its doors in Rwanda and it is expected to produce 100 thousand tons of fertilizer annually and it is made inside in the country, things are going to help farmers get enough fertilizer, and it is expected that it can provide a solution to the increase in food prices that continues to talk to many.

Minister Prof. Jean Chrisostome Ngabitsinze

Minister of Trade and Industry, Prof. Jean Chrisostome Ngabitsinze, said that this factory is going to be very important in the investment of agricultural products in Rwanda.

“This is the international day we celebrate quality day, which means that people remember what has been done and should be left behind, but also look at what is left to continue to be done well, what this means for a great Rwanda is that at least today we also have fertilizers that have been awarded the Made in Rwanda because the factory has started producing it, in a few days the construction of the well will be completed and they will start putting the fertilizers made in Rwanda on the market, for us as Rwandans it is a great thing because it has been a long time since the factory was built, it coincided with the day International quality standards, awarded with quality marks is a very important thing” Said Min Ngabitsinze

Minister Prof. Jean Chrisostome Ngabitsinze says that it is possible that food prices will decrease due to the fact that it used to be difficult for farmers to get fertilizer, but because of this factory, fertilizer will be available well and will be available on time.

“…. Otherwise, the fertilizer was missing because it was not there, but now it will be available because it is there, of course it will not produce all the necessary types, but the most important ones will be included, … it could change because what has been difficult is to get additives or even fertilizer so that we can plant it in many places because it increases production. we believe that in abundance is the yield that will be found, and in business when the yield is found often the characteristics are reduced” He added.

Director General of RSB, Murenzi Raymond

The Director General of RSB, Murenzi Raymond, said that receiving quality marks for this factory is a great benefit for Rwanda in the field of agriculture and breeding and he confirmed that it will be easier for the agency he represents to control the quality of the products.

“In developing our country, there is a lot that needs to be developed, one of the things that needs to be developed is agriculture and breeding, you know that without fertilizer it is difficult to be able to feed all Rwandans, or even the whole world, because many places have failed in terms of agriculture and livestock, they use fertilizers, being in a country where we used to bring all the fertilizers from abroad, it is not considered a very important thing that Rwanda is going to start processing fertilizers that meet the standards, because when we say that it meets the standards, we look at its content, not looking at it If what the quality regulations say is true, it is a very important thing to be in Rwanda, we are going to have fertilizer that is processed in Rwanda, and given to people all over the country and that meets the quality” He said.

“In terms of quality, we first look at what comes into the country, so now it will be easier for us because from what they use, what we use as basic equipment will be checked early, as well as where they mix fertilizer while we are monitoring, that it’s easier for us than watching the goods come into the country” He added.

Patrick Mararashika, the representative of Rwanda Fertilizers Company Ltd, which is building this factory, says that they are happy to have been given quality products, and he assures Rwandans that they should go and get fertilizer easily.

“Today we were pleased to receive this certificate of quality, it is a certificate of compliance with the business documents we do. We are currently selling fertilizer that we will export like everyone else, but we are building a factory in Bugesera, that factory will produce fertilizer in Rwanda, so we have for the factory to start working, we are trying to fulfill all the regulations required in Rwanda, we were happy because when we start working we will put the Made in Rwanda label on our products, this year the factory will be completed, next year we will start making fertilizer, it will have the capacity to produce 100 thousand tons per a year, it will help to increase the amount of fertilizer in Rwanda, the fertilizer that will be released will be the fertilizer that corresponds to the condition of the land in Rwanda, we hope that working here in Rwanda will help to reduce prices.” He said

Rwanda Fertilizer Company Ltd is building a fertilizer processing plant operating in Bugesera District, which used to sell imported fertilizers and is now building a plant to produce sufficient production after receiving international quality marks.

It is expected that this plant will produce 100,000 tons per year.

According to the RSB administration, in order for a product or a business activity to receive international quality marks, it must be registered in the RDB, have a quality mark (S Mark) and have a property record in the Its wisdom is recorded and preserved.

By Carine Kayitesi

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