Rwandan Red Cross Thanks Partners for their support to its humanitarian projects

Nyanza District, on 26, October , 2023, r uring the official launch The annual meeting of the Rwandan Red Cross partners (CRR), the president of this organization, Françoise Mukandekezi, thanked the various partners for their support for the humanitarian projects of this Auxiliary organization of State. According to her, a lot of progress has been made thanks to the fruitful partnership, in particular that of the Rwandan government.

Ms. Françoise Mukandekezi

Ms. Françoise Mukandekezi seized this opportunity to launch a call for innovation for a more effective intervention. Citing the effects of climate change that is more and more felt, it has emphasized the strengthening of the sustainability of disaster risk management for long -term resilience of affected communities.

“The effects of climate change are repeated from one year to another at the planetary level. Humanitarian needs are increasing. We must therefore set up disaster management mechanisms but over time, strengthening the sustainability of disaster risk management is essential. This is for long-term resilience of affected communities ” said Mukandekezi.

Minister Albert Murasira

The Rwandan Minister in Charge of Emergency Management, Albert Murasira, congratulated the Rwandan Red Cross (CRR) for his achievements in the accomplishment of his mission. He thus guaranteed government support to CRR’s humanitarian activities.

Minister Murasira has shown that prevention must be favored. “We must increase our efforts in disaster prevention. The Red Cross is our partner. Currently, we find that it is on the right track. We will therefore work together to promote disaster prevention. This is the most important thing, “he said.

The Rwandan Red Cross is also committed to promoting the construction of infrastructure that generates income levels at the levels of districts. This initiative aims to lead to self -financing of activities at the level of districts.

It is in this context that the Red Cross inaugurated a modern reception center in the Nyanza district in the southern province. The revenues generated will be able to contribute to the self -financing of Rwandan Red Cross activities in the Nyanza district.

This reception center was preceded by the opening of a hotel in the Karongi district. The construction of this kind infrastructure is planned in other districts.

The annual meeting of Rwandan Red Cross partners saw the participation of different national Red Cross companies from different countries. The main theme was “The strengthening of the sustainability of the risk management of disasters for long -term resilience of affected communities”.

Carine Kayitesi

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