GAEL KABAMBE PARTS LTD takes pride in its expanding clientele, comprised of owners of large machinery and vehicles

Over time, companies and entrepreneurs faced challenges in sourcing spare parts for their large machines and vehicles, particularly in the construction sector. The scarcity of replacement parts created apprehension among those looking to invest in such machinery. However, in the present, GAEL KABAMBE PARTS LTD, a business company specializing in importing and trading these products, takes pride in alleviating these concerns. Their commitment to supplying necessary components has not only addressed the previous constraints but has also contributed to a growing confidence among investors who own these machines and vehicles. As a result, the business has witnessed a continuous increase in clientele and has played a pivotal role in sustaining and expanding the operations of those relying on such equipment.

The management of GAEL KABAMBE PARTS LTD emphasizes that in the absence of their services, locating spare parts for even minor damages to machines or cars could be a challenging endeavor. However, the company has streamlined this process, providing a convenient solution for companies and individuals alike. Clients can simply approach GAEL KABAMBE PARTS LTD with their specific part requirements, bypassing the delays associated with waiting for imports. The company prides itself on offering a readily accessible and efficient solution for those in need of replacement parts for their machinery or vehicles.

Ingabire Ange, an employee at GAEL KABAMBE PARTS LTD says: “We sell spare parts for heavy vehicles, agricultural machines, used in construction, including HOWO, trucks, tractors, and other large machines. ‘large vehicles, and individuals who own these vehicles and machines mostly work in different constructions”

This employee returns to the differences he sees due to the fact that GAEL KABAMBE PARTS LTD works as a service provider for trading these metals and said: “The number of individual owners of these machines is increasing because they are getting the tools they need because before it was difficult, a person could have needed very little thing requires that he has to import from Dubai or import from elsewhere, so when we get closer to others who are learning more and more, we make it easier for investors who have machines and big cars to get their metal parts to replace the old ones that they need, the metal that we trade and get from Russia, Dubai, China and ‘in many other places.”

Ingabire Ange continues: “We don’t have second hand but we have new hardware, when they say spare part is a tool that replaces the old one that was in your car or machine, pirates will not disappear but we bring reliable products due to the customers we work with and those who go they come back and not the customer who gave him something unreliable. There are enough materials, he doesn’t want to miss anything, and if there is no one, we will give him a short time and we will invite him out.”

The Managing Director of GAEL KABAMBE PARTS Ltd, SSENOMBE Andrew, says that he is proud to be working in Rwanda, and investing in this country is a source of pride, assuring that he will continue to provide services for the replacement of old machines and heavy vehicles. contribution to the development of the country of Rwanda.

The Managing Director of GAEL KABAMBE PARTS Ltd, SSENOMBE Andrew

GAEL KABAMBE PARTS Ltd is a Rwandan company that sells spare parts for machinery, cars and heavy trucks including CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, XCMG, SANY, LONGKING, HIGHER, YOUTONG, HOWO, SCANIA, BENZ ACTROSS, CHANGLIN, URAL MILITARY TRUCKS, FAW, ITEYR TRUCKS, VOLVO, LIEBBERR, BOMAG, MAHINDRA, TATA, JCB and others which started operating in Rwanda in 2018.

This company works with various companies here in Rwanda including NPD, CONSTRUCK COMPANY, PRIME CEMENT, AFRIPRECAST, FOREFRONT SERVICES, REAL, EAST AFRICAN GRANITE, FAIR CONSTRUCTION LTD and others that do various construction activities.

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