The administration of Kigali City asks everyone to celebrate Christmas and New Year 2024 without creating noise to others

The administration of Kigali City has issued a request for residents and visitors to celebrate Christmas and the arrival of the New Year in 2024 without creating excessive noise that may disturb others. This call for consideration reflects a commitment to maintaining a peaceful and harmonious environment during the festive season. By asking people to be mindful of noise levels, the administration aims to ensure that everyone can enjoy the celebrations while respecting the rights and comfort of others in the community. This aligns with the broader goal of fostering a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all during the holiday period.

On Wednesday, December 20, 2023, the City of Kigali made an announcement during the press conference. The discussion centered on promoting appropriate behavior among people during the Christmas and New Year holidays, with a specific emphasis on ensuring the safety of individuals and their belongings. The advisory included recommendations to avoid excessive noise and even moderate drinking.

With only a few days remaining for Rwandans to usher in the festivities concluding the year 2023 and welcome the New Year 2024, the city of Kigali is adorned with decorations that signify the preparations for these celebrations.

The Mayor of Kigali City, Dusengiyumva Samuel, has urged both residents of the city and visitors to enjoy the festival while avoiding anything that could compromise safety.

“Your rights end where your partner’s begins, and the common ground is where you are allowed to act without interfering with your partner. For instance, a resident taking care of a little child who needs to sleep may be living next to a neighbor having a wedding party. In such cases, everyone must understand their responsibilities. For significant events, it is advisable to choose a location where the noise won’t disturb nearby living spaces. If the celebration is held in a residential area, measures should be taken to ensure that the residents are not adversely affected” Mayor Dusengiyumva Samuel said.

Mayor of Kigali City, Dusengiyumva Samuel

Regarding the extended hours of entertainment, Mayor Dusengiyumva Samuel expressed gratitude, stating, “We appreciate the administration for extending the hours of entertainment, and the community is pleased with this decision. However, we also emphasize the importance of ensuring that these extended hours are managed responsibly.”

ACP Gumira Desiré, the head of the Rwandan Police in Kigali City, urged the public to exercise caution during the holidays, avoiding not only extreme violence but also other crimes that contribute to insecurity.

“We urge the people of Kigali City to refrain from engaging in activities that contribute to insecurity. Rwandans are appealing to you: do not venture onto the roads without proper driving skills, and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. If you hear about a friend attacked by thieves and disregard the warning, take precautions—secure your doors. The police, security agencies, and fellow citizens are ready to assist without hesitation” ACP Gumira Desiré said.

ACP Gumira Desiré

ACP Gumira Desiré mentioned that individuals are permitted to have fun, but it’s essential not to generate excessive noise for others, as noise levels are predetermined and should align with the nature of the place.

The administration of Kigali city has reassured commuters and residents that there will be no travel problems during this year-end festival, thanks to the government’s initiatives to augment the number of passenger vehicles. However, holidaymakers are encouraged to plan their travels in advance.

From December 15, 2023, onward, the National Development Agency RDB has declared that entertainment venues—such as bars, dance clubs, and restaurants—will operate with extended nighttime hours. This adjustment aligns with Rwanda entering the festive season, and the program is set to conclude on January 7, 2024. Subsequently, closing hours will revert to the standard schedule.

Mrs. Mukazayire Nelly, the Deputy Director-General of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), stated that this effort is aimed at assisting Rwandans in celebrating the year-end festival.

Mrs. Mukazayire Nelly

By Carine Kayitesi

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