RNIT stresses the importance of fostering a culture of saving for every Rwandan

While many Rwandans believe that starting a business requires substantial capital and that ventures must align closely with their priorities. However, the leadership of Rwanda National Investment Trust Ltd (RNIT Ltd) insists on the need to shift this mindset, advocating for a culture where saving is integral to every Rwandan’s journey towards personal and national advancement.

Jonathan Gatera, the CEO of RNIT Ltd, articulated this during a session on March 14, 2024, aimed at elucidating the institution’s role in promoting a positive attitude towards saving and entrepreneurship among all Rwandans.

Mr. Gatera emphasized that starting a business isn’t solely about having the necessary funds but also involves seeking guidance from successful Rwandan entrepreneurs. He stressed the importance of accumulating savings before embarking on ventures that require significant investment. According to him, it’s crucial to initially invest in saving up capital, enabling individuals to confidently initiate and sustain their enterprises.

He explained: “We aim to shift the perception that one needs a substantial sum to commence a business. Saving should be ingrained in our cultural ethos. Those who embrace it already have a starting point, even if it’s as little as 12,000. Initiating a business doesn’t necessitate waiting until you’ve saved up; instead, it should be the first step upon acquiring funds. Teaching today’s youth about entrepreneurship and prudent financial habits is imperative. They stand to inherit savings, as even children can engage in commerce. The challenge lies in nurturing the right mindset and instilling financial responsibility from an early age.”

Jonathan Gatera, the CEO of RNIT Ltd

Gatera underscored how saving not only fuels economic growth but also contributes to the overall development of the country. By channeling citizens’ savings into developmental projects, it ensures financial security and prosperity for individuals as they age.

He elaborated: “The benefits extend beyond personal gain. Investing in entrepreneurship bolsters national development. Each contribution, no matter how modest, fuels progress. Whether it’s your own investment or a mere 2,000 deposited in the Development Fund, the impact remains significant. While initial amounts may seem trivial, combining resources accelerates progress. By facilitating savings, we empower individuals and bolster the nation’s financial stability, ensuring sustainable growth for generations to come.”

Gatera emphasized the security and growth potential of savings invested through the Development Fund, highlighting its role in realizing investors’ aspirations.

He concluded: “Confidence stems from knowing that the fund is government-backed and meticulously managed. Deposits are securely held, providing peace of mind to investors. Technological advancements enable real-time monitoring of investments, ensuring transparency and accountability.”

In essence, RNIT advocates for a paradigm shift where saving is not just a personal endeavor but an integral part of Rwanda’s economic and social fabric, driving individual and national prosperity.

By Carine Kayitesi

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