Democratic Green Party of Rwanda Advocates for Monetary Penalties Over Imprisonment for Accident Cases

In a recent congress convened in the Northern Province of Musanze District, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) reiterated its commitment to democratic principles and justice, proposing a unique approach to handling individuals involved in accidents.

The party, renowned for its staunch advocacy for democracy in Rwanda, articulated its stance during the congress, suggesting that monetary penalties should be imposed rather than resorting to imprisonment for those involved in accidents. This novel proposition is set to be a key feature of the party’s manifesto, slated for unveiling during the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Speaking at the congress, party members emphasized the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation in addressing mistakes, particularly those resulting in harm to others or any form of wrongdoing.

They highlighted a resolution proposing that individuals who cause harm to others inadvertently or due to negligence should get monetary penalties instead of facing imprisonment under the law.

One party member, representing the elders, articulated, “We’ve heard suggestions about alternative approaches to punishing mistakes, particularly in cases where harm was unintentional. We advocate for monetary penalties instead of imprisonment, as the intent might not have been malicious, and the individual may have found themselves in circumstances threatening life.”

Hon Jean Claude Ntezimana

Responding to this perspective, Hon Jean Claude Ntezimana, the Secretary-General of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, affirmed that such opinions would be thoroughly discussed. He emphasized the need for a balanced approach to punishment, considering the gravity of the mistake and measures for rehabilitation to prevent recurrence.

“As elders, we’ll deliberate on these viewpoints to ensure they align with our manifesto and are widely accepted,” stated Ntezimana.

Following the discourse on punishment approaches, the congress proceeded to elect officials who will represent the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda in the upcoming Parliamentary elections. With each province slated to have two representatives, the Northern Province emerged with 10 candidates.

The next Congress of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda will be held in the Western Province in Karongi District, then after in the Eastern Provinces, for the selection  of Parliamentary candidates for the elections scheduled for July 15, 2024.

Hon. Dr. Frank Habineza, candidate of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda in Rwandan Presidencial elections scheduled for July 15, 2024

By Carine Kayitesi

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