Rwandan Red Cross empowers Kayonza residents for sustainable development

After the Rwandan Red Cross intervened to assist their beneficiaries in the Kayonza District with goats, endeavors to provide essential aid have been intensified to accelerate progress. Residents express gratitude for the invaluable support received, acknowledging its significance. Furthermore, with the goats they have received, they are not only improving their own livelihoods but also extending assistance to others, fostering community development, and contributing to overall progress.

Residents of the Kayonza District in Rwanda are experiencing a wave of optimism and progress thanks to the intervention of the Rwandan Red Cross. Following the distribution of goats to beneficiaries in the region, the impact is already tangible, with community members expressing gratitude for the assistance received and envisioning a brighter future ahead.

John Bwandika, a resident of Ruramira Sector, Karambo Village, shares his appreciation: “The assistance provided by the Red Cross, including goats, will lead us to progress. We will all improve, and those who didn’t receive anything will also benefit from us. We will all advance together.”

Stephanie Nyirangendahimana, another beneficiary, expresses her confidence in the initiative: “It is really good, I am sure I will improve with these goats they gave me and then when they gave us where to plant, we planted sorghum. We have harvested it and I am sure I will improve. I will continue. I believe in God.”

Emmanuel Mazimpaka, a leader within the Rwandan Red Cross, emphasizes the strategic importance of the initiative: “It’s not just goats we’ve given because there are also pigs we’ve left for the beneficiaries, and there are also crops we’ve given to ensure that residents are ready to plant.”

Frederick Nsekarije, the acting executive secretary of Ruramira Sector, underscores the significance of the initiative for community safety: “We have given goats to the residents and we have started discussing with them, but overall security is well-maintained.”

With 2 goats to each family distributed across 70 households in Kayonza, Rwamagana, and Ngoma districts, the Rwandan Red Cross’s efforts are already making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. The initiative not only provides immediate assistance but also sets the stage for long-term community development and empowerment.

By Carine Kayitesi

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