Univasal Auto Limited, one of joblessness solution

Univasal Auto Limited a company that offering motorcycles     to whoever wishes to make a motorcycles business as a form of transport to many passengers,  whoever is eligible to terms and conditions can intend to join Auto company and pay in installments as agreed. 

Mr. Joel Namanya said “Whoever wishes to join is supposed to come accompanied by two people to stand on his behalf one with a collateral security as well as land or another with a stable job.”

“When an individual approaches our company saying that he is willing to take a motorcycle, we explain our terms and conditions to him whenever he has v agrees, he comes with two people to sign for him, then we give him a motorcycle.” He added.

Agreements state that everybody with motorcycles from Auto company Ltd, have to pay in weekly installments according to the actual price of a motorcycle to be equal to the total price of a motorcycle. Auto Company Ltd in addition helps him to pay for the Authorization in a period of two years. When a motorcycle gets paid, a Company pay an Erasure for a motorcyclist.

Managing director of Auto company Limited; Rishi Arya said that from 2017 when starting to operate from Rwanda they gave an employment to around two Thousand of youth offering them motorcycles and other jobs including Mechanics.

Rishi Arya added that among those two Thousand six Hundred of them already paid the they are now working for themselves while other four Hundred the Erasure process already done and there are other two Hundred who didn’t yet come to make the Erasure.

“Now among two Thousand got job, and all of them the work  they do is important to the government because they give out taxes which is so supportive to the country development” Rishi noted.

Rishi Arya encourages those who already pay for the motorcycles to go straight under the Erasure process unless Rwanda Revenue Authority keeps addressing the motorcycle to Auto Company Ltd which causes unnecessary payment of tax for the company while is no longer  gaining any profit from the Motorcycle.

Rishi Arya Responding to the press according to the plan of the government of Rwanda of using electrical motorcycles that helps to keep the environment, he said that whenever it becomes a commandment Company will go with what it states. “When the government assure that motorcycles to be used are those which use electric, as a company we will go with it because we already have those kinds of motorcycle at our industry.”

According to National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda measures show that 15% are jobless, this makes the government to work with private sectors so as to seek for the solution to joblessness. Because jobs provided by the government are still few compared to workers.

Kayitesi Carine

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