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Commemoration 30th: The Red Cross/ Rwanda remembering its workers killed in 1994

On April 26, 2024,  the Red Cross of Rwanda has commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, especially the Tutsis who were killed in the former Red Cross of Rwanda among them volunteers, workers of the Red Cross, parents and children and others who fled in Red Cross during Genocide.

Today they had fled from the situation where they were prevented from condemning the cause of the reoccurrence of such atrocities.

Genocide survivors in the Red Cross of Rwanda, formed in the “Association Mbihoreze” said that they walked the path of the cross during the genocide and that in the past 30 years they have been freed from grief They say that they are being questioned by those who distort the history of the Genocide against the Tutsis and those who refuse to show where those who killed were placed in order to be buried in honor.

Murekeyisoni Alodiya, one of the survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsis is excited after was given a house to live in by the Red Cross of Rwanda in Jurwe village,in the same Jurwe cell in Ndera Sector in Gasabo District.

She also said that now they are relieved of the burden of grief and have been able to rebuild themselves without being betrayed by grief.

Murekeyisoni added that today she is very proud of what  Red Cross did for her” in saying that it was too difficult to rebuilt the life after living in hatred and division.

Speaking to public during this event, the Rwanda Red Cross President  Mukandekezi said that is concerned about the lives of Genocide survivors and that is why in different situations it works to bring them back to normal life by building houses and other things to help them in life.

For housing and other life needs, Red Cross provided 23 needy families, giving them one hundred thousand each (100,000) in total it is approximately twenty-three million Rwandan francs (23,000 000 Frw)

By Carine Kayitesi


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